Monday, October 24, 2011


Extend Desktop to iPad screen as secondary screen

The DisplayLink iPad app turns your iPad into an extended monitor for your PC. Great for improving your productivity by freeing up desktop space on your notebook or desktop computer. Just drag any open window or application on to the iPad display sitting next to your primary display. Park your browser, email, social networking site, IM, or application control console on the iPad display and avoid application view switching on your primary display.

Key Features:
  • Creates an interactive, secondary wireless display for your PC with the iPad
  • Windows 7, Vista (32 and 64bit) and XP (32bit) compatible
  • Configuration using the familiar Windows graphics display utility
  • Discovers and connects the iPad screen to your PC over your wireless network quickly and reliably
  • Operates seamlessly with other DisplayLink multi-monitor and dock products to create a rich, productive multi-monitor environment
 How to extend Desktop to iPad
  1. Download DisplayLink application from AppStore
  2. Install DisplayLink for Windows on your PC
  3. Open DisplayLink on your iPad, then select PC you want to connect.
PC and iPad need to be on the same network.